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State of the Art

In State of the Art we explore avant-garde ways to style and wear the latest Spring/Summer collection from Rundholz Mainline. From bold print to subtle tones, delve into our innovative creations.

Rundholz have created their SS24 collections with intertwining in mind, each one complimenting the others effortlessly. With this in mind, we have paired Dip and Mainline together to balance pattern and base tones.

Mainline's introduction of their Pinned pieces this season has inspired us to create new stand-out silhouettes, keep reading to see our exploration.

The Rundholz style aims to demonstrate a mix of simplicity, and excitement their design philosophy is almost entirely fuelled by curiosity and the pursuit of experimenting. German label Rundholz offers creativity matched with the highest quality, and we are delighted to present this truly inspiring designer

This shirt dress is a great layering piece for Spring/Summer. Lightweight and versitile, it adds a grouding base to even the most avant-garde of outfits.

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We've styled this structured midi dress with its hook & eye closures open from the waist down and at the shoulders to show the Rose Allover print from the top and trousers worn below.

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“Fashion is more art than art is.”
Andy Warhol

One of the stand out prints this season is Mainline's Allover print, available in Rose, Lilly and Multicolour Bouquet. Shop coats, trousers, tops and skirts for a bold seasonal outfit!

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Classic, understated, timeless. This bleached effect jacket is another addition to Rundholz's great line of easy-to-wear avant-garde jackets.

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“To pull off any look, wear it with confidence.”

Audrey Hepburn

We've opened up the back and elbows of this deep blue jacket to expose the bright, dancing print underneath. These Pinned peices are so fun to play with!

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This new Mainline collection has so many versitile ways to wear and layer. Here, we've half zipped this lightweight jacket to show off the contrasting buttons underneath.

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“The joy of dressing is an art.”

John Galliano

For the chillier Spring days, this longline coat is a must-have! Lined with a contrasting fabric, dual button-up front and large pockets, it'll perfect for this time of year!

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Yet another great way to wear the Pinned peices from this collection, by openning up the bottom half of the sleeves! Layer over a comfortable, bright coloured vest to finish.

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