Ever since it was established in 1986, Xenia Design has been at the forefront of Croatian as well as global fashion. Through innovative and unconventional construction, combined with an exclusive and unique style that bases its design on contemporary looks with classic tailoring.

As one of the pioneers of fashion avant-garde, Xenia Design has never been the one to follow global trends, striving to create its own individual and innovative aesthetic instead.

Xenia Design

Browse our selection of pieces from Croatian label Xenia Design. Ethereal and avant-garde, Xenia’s designs play with structure and material and are a must-have for fans of uncompromising fashion. Mixing feminine and masculine silhouettes, Xenia Design’s innovative garments are perfect for modern dressing.

Meet The Designer
Metallic Stripe Top Kiti1 in Black / Silver
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Roll Neck Top Shirt Clab2 in Black / Silver
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Cropped Tailored Jacket Satu in Black
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Cropped Straight Leg Pants Akiz in Black
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Speckled Midi Dress Afra in Black / Silver
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Speckled Top Shirt Loar in Black / Silver
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Maxi Dress Siri in Colourful Purple / Black
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V Neck Blouse Hebe in Green Colorful
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Asymmetric Blouse Clea in Silver / Khaki
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