Carsten and Lenka Rundholz are the designers responsible for the strong garments in the three Studio Rundholz collections: Rundholz Mainline, Dip and Black Label. Each collection has its own unique style and fabrics.

Its experimentation with shape, structure and fabrics means that season on season, you are wowed by their creativity and insight.

Rundholz womenswear collections are for all tastes and purses. The Black Label has all the features you expect in Rundholz clothing, whilst being very accessible pricewise. The Rundholz Mainline label and the Dip label offer design and fabrics that can only be described as inspired, with wonderful overdyed fabrics and stunning prints.




Rundholz Black Label, Dip and Mainline

Shop our selection of Rundholz Black Label, Dip and Mainline. Explore a wide range of avant-garde pieces, including sophisticated dresses, sheer silk blouses tulip dresses and everyday tees. Berlin-based label Rundholz offers creativity matched with the highest quality, and we are delighted to present this truly inspiring designer.

Meet The Designer
Maxi Pencil Skirt in White
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Zipped Longline Coat in White
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Zipped Longline Coat in Black
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Drop Crotch Trousers in Black Stripe
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