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Avant Garde Dimension

Explore how Xenia, Pal Offner and Masnada create a dimension of style with unique shape and structure within the fabric and style. 
 Taking classic tailoring, dresses and everything in-between to give them that avant garde twist, these designers work perfectly together to showcase this.
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This one-of-a-kind dimension brings cutting-edge production methods to traditional designer authorship collections, and thus pioneers a new way of fashion that focuses on expressing skilfulness, launching trends and permanent changes. Sustainable and transparent made clothing with confidence and feminity.

Your favorite PAL OFFNER pieces should accompany you for many years, making sustainable dressing possible.

High-quality materials and special finishing processes, produced in Europe - where the specialists of the individual fields offer the best quality. This is our claim next to our timeless design.

The Masnada collection emerges from a thorough exploration of diverse shapes and their potential identities, coupled with a deep passion for experimentation and research. The outcomes manifest in the selection of materials and adherence to traditional methods evident throughout the collection.

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