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Meet The Team

Our friendly team of experts are committed to giving you the looks you want and the ultimate personalised service. Get to know us! The Olivia May team are on hand to answer customer queries and often do so within the hour, and always within 24 hours.

Ann Whorrall

Veneta Markova

Jodie Evans

Olivia Knight

Clare McFarland

Aurelija Karaliunaite

Georgina Bailey

Bianca Faur


"Creating a business where people can grow and develop with the right structures is my biggest achievement. They have chosen to work with you and join you on this journey the least you can do is ensure it is exciting, stimulating and rewarding."


"From the solo set up at the kitchen table to a 10+ team, it's gratifying to be able to focus on growth strategy for the future of the Olivia May business."


After spending years of styling private clients and time sourcing international designers that created elements of difference through unconventional designs or unique high-quality fabrics. It was this, along with a strong passion for the creativity within clothing that spearhead the launch and brand of Olivia May - a multiple designer clothing retailer.  

Named Olivia May, after Ann's youngest daughter 'Olivia' who was born in the month of 'May' the unique model offers effortless fashion for the contemporary woman - allowing ladies to rediscover their love of their wardrobes by selecting pieces within a playful environment that allows them to experiment with what will work for them.

Managing Director Ann has a passion that has never wavered and the creation, growth and dedication of the team that manages Olivia May are simply an extension of this passion.