Introducing our New Designers

Introducing New SS20 Italian Designers  


Founded in Italy, Aequamente embodies a casual look, with easy to wear silhouettes and elegant details. Inspired by simplicity and comfort, these beautiful pieces can be worn both formal and casual.

Launched only recently, Aequamente favours ‘slow fashion’ over short-lived trends. Each garment is simple and elegant, made only from the finest cashmere, cottons and linens. Aequamente’s passion for the art of simple construction creates timeless pieces to wear season on season.


'Inspired by simplicity and comfort' 

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Brand new to Olivia May, this Italian designer started in 2000 with a dream of creating collections in which you live and breathe in for everyday. The collection showcases simplicity with every garment designed, cut and sewn by hand. Choose balloon skirts and trousers worn with pocket t-shirts and blouses in highest quality cottons.

Album di Famiglia create clothes for ‘living.’ A simple beauty runs through each of their collections, which focus on creating wearable pieces from high quality fabrics and classic shapes. Each garment is crafted with love and care, ‘because a dress is like a family bond, it is made to last.’


'A collection to live and breathe in for everyday'


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Editorial Episode 39 - New Designers

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