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In Your Stride

Take this February 'In Your Stride' with our latest editorial, featuring a wide selection of our favourite trousers! From cosy cottons, soft wools and sleek satins, there's a style for everyone, no matter the occasion. Styled with you in mind, keep reading for inspiration for your newest wardrobe additions!

Let your hair down and kick up your feet - these trousers give the freedom for you to do you! Take a look at the bright and bold patterns from Italian designer, Sfizio, or head towards a more relaxed and neutral look from SOH. Shop the collection below, or take a look at our full selection of designer trousers.

'Good trousers never go out of style.' — Unknown

"A pair of brilliantly cut cotton trousers can be more beautiful than a gorgeous silk gown." — Yohji Yamamoto

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