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Returning for AW22, The Curated Collection is here to bring you new designers, staple pieces to pair with your favourite brands, styling and much more!



"Where do i find fashionable and water proof jackets, different from the typical rain coats or all-weather jackets, both able to manage the bergen-weather as well as finer occasions?"

With BRGN there is no need to compromise fashion for functionality. By providing modern urban customers with high quality outerwear, BRGN makes life both easier and more fashionable. With its hidden technical fixtures and fashion design, BRGN differs from other outerwear brands. Enjoy being both warm and dry and dress fashionable and functionally in all sorts of weather.

From Un-Namable, introducing a_me

"The juxtaposition of special developed fabrics and avant-garde techniques transform the pieces in unexpected ideas, volumes, silhouettes. The collection has the essential priority to rediscover and emphasize the great values of craftsmanship producing unique artisan pieces, one different from the others. Sophisticated and minimal: each piece is made with an excellence for quality giving attention to the great Design. These paradoxes create an outlook for women who are on the same wave-length, who are not interested in trend and want to show an uncommon femininity and a real distinct style."

"An unconventional retro avantgarde fashion inspired by the past of different cultures, unifying them in a single stylistic concept."

Represents the death of the conventionality and the sanctity of rebirth that sees the “death” no longer as the end but as a new beginning that is glorified through the use of natural colors, impalpable nuances, shades that originate from the earth. The non-contamination of colors collides with modern lines and deconstructed sartorial elaborations that are a tribute to Made in Italy.

"Made for bold women with a taste for freedom, Baci provides uncomplicated design for unrestrained living."

A fine blend of natural modernity, Baci is an Italian based Fashion House that crafts sustainable womenswear for all-day leisure. Authentic meets ethical, our collection is meticulously designed, sourced, and produced with nature in mind, inciting everyday ease, simplicity, and unrestrained living.


From Germany, Philomena Christ brings edge and sophistication together for a casual luxurious look you can wear again and again

'The spring/summer collection 2022 is characterised by sophisticated extravagance. Clear lines and unusual shapes underline the individuality of the self-confident woman. Comfortable to wear, with that certain something of urban chic and effective colour accents.'

"Our seasonal collections are versatile, sophisticated, easy to wear and designed with a very specific purpose."




"Women who like comfort, unaffectedness and simple but not obvious solutions appreciate qualities and charm of Kędziorek's clothes"

Minimalism, precise cut and high-quality materials and comfort are the main values of the brand founded by Joanna Kędziorek in 2004. Since 2012 the premiere fashion show of Kędziorek collection is a fixed event of Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland schedule. The Spring/Summer 2015 season collection was presented during Berlin Fashion Week within the scope of Showfloor Berlin project and then in the BUREAU SEUTAIL in Paris.


"Here in Finland, it is often dark and drab for months on end during our colourless winter. This is why AINO’s signature look features bright and cheery colours and intriguing details."

Aino is a family-owned company founded in 1991 by Liisa Kotilainen and Vesa Poutiainen. The two Finns had worked in the fashion industry for most of their lives, and after they met on the job, they combined their expertise to begin producing their own fashion line. Liisa’s vibrant colours and detailed craftsmanship were a perfect match for Vesa’s verve and business acumen. The result has been any number of dazzling AINO collections that feature clothes with personality for satisfied customers the world over.


"We design for women who write their own story day after day. Women who embody a playful femininity that breaks with convention and looks at fashion in a new light."

Collectors Club offers a complete wardrobe with a refined style. The selection of high-standard fabrics, thoughtful detailing and essential fits, are at the centre of the brand’s signature aesthetic. Launched in early 2018, Collectors Club managed to quickly establish itself on the Benelux and France market thanks to an offer of total look products, as well as strong knitwear pieces.