What our customers say

“You are the most efficient and trustworthy online shop I deal with. It’s a real pleasure to buy from a store I know is so reliable in relation to posting items straight away. Thank you!”

Sue O - Cambridge

“Thank you for such a professional service! I love the items I ordered which were beautifully packaged Very happy customer! ”

Caroline A - Cheltenham

“Ann has bought items for me for the last 2 years. We met at a trade fair. She has great style and just puts you at your ease. Despite the distance everything arrives on time. Ann always makes sure she communicates with you and lets you know what is happening. It always puts my mind at rest. Recommended to the highest level.”

Kitty Brighouse - Montreal, Canada

“So good to hear that Ann is doing this at last! She loves clothes with a difference and this really shows it comes through when you look at the items she sells. She is really committed to the designer and presents their clothing very professionally.”

Maya Wells - Brighton

“It’s just great to have this site. From all my dealings with Ann she has always been a true professional. Items sent through the post arrive on time or if not before, items are packaged well and you know she cares about the customer. Everything is secure and she tells you what is happening at every stage. I love that because you don’t worry.”

Monica Palmer - Guernsey

“I have been shopping with Ann as a private client for the last 5 years. After loosing significant amounts of weight Ann built up my wardrobe again and gave me the confidence to wear new styles. Her eye for fabrics and styles has been brilliant. So friendly and very reliable – if she says she’s doing something she does it!”

Sharon Day - Oxford

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