Making Smart Choices


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Making Smart Choices

We all know the importance of dressing smartly and professionally in the workplace, especially if you are a woman. Female politicians, businesswomen and women in the public eye face intense media scrutiny regarding their choice of clothing, make-up, and hairstyle.

Both sociological studies and anecdotal evidence have proven that the ways in which a woman dresses can heavily influence how their colleagues receive them, and can determine whether a woman is taken seriously, is listened to, or has influence in their workplace. Such attention can be stifling, and lead to more conservative dress choices that hide one’s personality in order to fit a generic model of acceptable presentability. However, dressing for the workplace need not come at the cost of self-expression and creativity.

As we head through the week we are taking the time at Olivia May to explore how a capsule workwear wardrobe can work for you. Supported by Smart Works through our ‘live’ conversation we take the time to consider the impact ‘Smart’ can have on confidence and self esteem.

"We all know the importance of dressing smartly and professionally in the workplace"

Bring your wardrobe to life!


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