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Strong Point

Showcasing three strong avant garde designers, Marc Point, Bread and Butter Italty and Sanctamuerte we have used a combination of these designers to create structure within masculine and feminine suiting shapes and structure.

Marc Point is an artisanal brand exploring the merit of "peasant-wear" and interpreters it to fit a contemporary world. Marc Point clothing is poetic as an interior journey, transversal to the ages, romantic, and deeply Italian. Exploring and breaking the norm through distinct shapes, Marc Point Clothing takes tailoring to new lengths.

A Statement blazer can add dimensions into your outfit allowing this to be the bold, vibrant personality of the outfit. Paring with matching trousers or block colour for a toned down version.

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Waistcoats are a perfect trans-seasonal addition to an outfit. Great layering option over a shirt, under a jacket or even as the main focus.

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Exhibition spaces in which the research, the care of every single detail, the passion and dedication towards customers become the pillars of our offer. Extravagant and non-compliant clothes, never banal and above all unique. Soft lines and lively cuts, refined fabrics, garment dyes whit pictorial signs, strictly handcrafted shoes

Simple yet effective, black trousers. Block colour, able to pair and match with every single outfit. Various shapes and styles can be brought to every outfit, but the Simplicity is idealised.

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Delicate lace detailing adds texture into the styling, in this example multiple lace tops have been used to create contrasting fabrics and necklines to the complete outfit.

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"Fashion is not about clothes it's about the look."

Carine Roitfeld

Boxy and oversized double breasted jacket create the masculine silhouettes. You can create this look by adding dramatic shoulders or going up a couple of sizes in your jackets to create this feel within your outfit.

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Recreate this look by using similar products with a twist, using different fabrics and textures.

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Represents the death of the conventionality and the sanctity of rebirth that sees the “death” no longer as the end but as a new beginning that is glorified through the use of natural colors, impalpable nuances, shades that originate from the earth. The non-contamination of colors collides with modern lines and deconstructed sartorial elaborations that are a tribute to Made in Italy.

These beautiful rose print trousers are two toned, so you still have a dramatic design with the contrast of the opposite leg being a block colour. It's a great statement to make with a co ord suting option.

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Another [Archive], is a new deisgner to olivia may, the women’s label is born from a desire to focus wholeheartedly on singular, bespoke, beautiful and bold pieces for ANOTHER kind of woman. Unexpected folds and frills, swirls of raw ecru and hessian cloth, sensual silk and velvet fabrics are handcrafted into surprising shapes and volumes, extraordinary, elegant, garments.  

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