Outside The Box


Arguably the most independent and adventurous of styles, the avant-garde wardrobe is complete with asymmetric hemlines, volumes, shapes and accessories. Although minimalist for some the style packs a punch! In short, this style is wearable art and whilst the likes of Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett and Bjork have graced us with their take on the avant-garde style we are mesmerised often by its simplicity and impact.

Marc Pointe, the epitome of the retro avant-garde designer takes us on a journey with each collection. The collections are a result of a story lived, from the choice of the fabrics to the textures and shapes. Marc’s imprint is nostalgic, romantic with a precise tailoring that almost leans to the obsessive. Every detail and cut has a purpose. He proposes unusual patterns and colours which are wearable and in true avant-garde style – striking!

Album Di Famiglia, Umit Unal and Unnameable are designers that deliver comfortable, relaxed garments, with a unique style each season. Unnameable, with their experimental and distressed fabrics are versatile. Each collection is true to the bohemian and romantic roots. Whilst Unit Unal merge the masculine feminine look with a style that is their own. On a different level, Album Di Famiglia look to textures and fabrics to focus on the simplicity of style and the value of traditions with fabrics. Their philosophy is simple ‘a garment is to be respected and worn’ and then re cycled as ‘beautiful pieces should not be disregarded’

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