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Explore some of our high-end Avant-garde designers this season, familiar and new. From classic Olivia May designers like Malloni, Xenia Design, Isabel Benenato and more, to newer designers such as Pal Offner, Masnada and Aleksandr Manamis, feel expensive with an expertly styled look this Summer.
Take a look at accessories to match, with peices from Katerine Vassou, Lofina and bags from Pal Offner, complete any edgy look with these statement adornments.

Add authentic style to your wardrobe with the Aleksandr Manamis womenswear collection. The fashion designer is known for his unique blend of vintage styles and raw textiles. Their designer clothing offers a stunning range of quality soft fabrics, floral prints, feminine patterns and warm textures.

Pal Offner erases the distinctions between masculinity and femininity, presenting a collection where every piece is intentionally unisex. In there stores, the same pieces grace both the women's and men's sections, reinforcing our commitment to a boundary-free approach.

The label empowers the wearer to redefine their own limits when it comes to merging genders, providing a canvas for personal taste to flourish.

Hailing from Naples, Isabel Benenato, enriched by diverse experiences in London's fashion scene, finds the essence of the soul in black and white. In her vision, black signifies mystery and sensuality, while white radiates light and purity.

Explore her collection featuring a range of cardigans, dresses, and jumpers, each embodying the timeless interplay of these fundamental expressions.

The Masnada collection emerges from a thorough exploration of diverse shapes and their potential identities, coupled with a deep passion for experimentation and research. The outcomes manifest in the selection of materials and adherence to traditional methods evident throughout the collection.

Exclusive fabrics, crafted from natural fibers in soft, nature-inspired hues, contribute to a timeless aesthetic and the enduring quality of each garment.

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