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On Occasion

Looking for the perfect outfit for a big occasion you have coming up? The search is over with these outfits we have curated, featuring your favourite tailored designers! Whether your occasion is academic, work or more, this brand new editorial will take out the hard part of dressing to impress.
See designers such as High, Isabel Benenato, Malloni, Annette Gortz, Bianco Levrin, and Sfizio, and learn more about these wonderful Tailored-Cut designers.
Keep reading to get inspired!

Shop the latest womenswear collection from HIGH online. The designs focus on blending everyday wardrobe essentials with contemporary style for functional, but classic and desirable, looks. Discover a range of modern women's clothing including trousers, jackets, dresses, skirts, tops and more.

The Sfizio collection for women is adorned with stylish and avant-garde apparel. The brand is curated by the Italian fashion house Plisse Spa. Shop lace, crochet, silks and more in a range of bold colours and prints, as well as neutral tones with elegant silhouettes.

Hailing from Naples, Isabel Benenato, enriched by diverse experiences in London's fashion scene, finds the essence of the soul in black and white. In her vision, black signifies mystery and sensuality, while white radiates light and purity.

Explore her collection featuring a range of cardigans, dresses, and jumpers, each embodying the timeless interplay of these fundamental expressions.

Italian label Malloni blends innovation and tradition for unique contemporary womenswear. With sophisticated and trendsetting garments, from luxury knitwear to artistic footwear,

Malloni clothing is perfect for the modern wardrobe. Browse the stunning new collection or shop the sale for classic Malloni dresses, shirts and blouses, trousers, shoes, and more at a discount.

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