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Alternative Edge

Get inspired by an alternative aesthetic this Spring/Summer, with exquisite outfits featuring pieces from designers such as IXOS, Isabel Benenato, High, Pal Offner, Aleksandr Manamis, Annette Gortz and many more. See leather jackets, statement belts, silk tops and cargo trousers in action in Alternative Edge.

IXOS women's footwear and designer apparel was founded in the 1960s. This Italian label draws on decades of experience in shoemaking to create footwear that blends traditional craft with forward-thinking designs to create well-known and much loved IXOS shoes.

Elegant staples are given a twist with asymmetric cuts and graphic prints, perfect for modern easy dressing.

Pal Offner erases the distinctions between masculinity and femininity, presenting a collection where every piece is intentionally unisex. In there stores, the same pieces grace both the women's and men's sections, reinforcing our commitment to a boundary-free approach.

The label empowers the wearer to redefine their own limits when it comes to merging genders, providing a canvas for personal taste to flourish.

Hailing from Naples, Isabel Benenato, enriched by diverse experiences in London's fashion scene, finds the essence of the soul in black and white. In her vision, black signifies mystery and sensuality, while white radiates light and purity.

Explore her collection featuring a range of cardigans, dresses, and jumpers, each embodying the timeless interplay of these fundamental expressions.

Shop the latest womenswear collection from HIGH online. The designs focus on blending everyday wardrobe essentials with contemporary style for functional, but classic and desirable, looks. Discover a range of modern women's clothing including trousers, jackets, dresses, skirts, tops and more.

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