Virtual Summer Soiree

Thurs 25th June, 6pm


28 Attending


All things fashion, food and drink. We've teamed up with Comyn Bruce Catering to bring you 'A Summer Soiree' Discover all you need to host the perfect evening! Plus, Q&A with guest speaker Georgia Bruce.

About The Event

Discussing all things sustainability in an ever-changing industry with our panel of guests - Julie Macken, of Neves Bees, Sarah Jordan at Y.O.U Underwear and Hannah Jordan from Mama B. Tune in as we take a look at slow fashion, the investment pieces you need that will stand the test of time helping to make positive changes to the environment.

Register for your FREE ticket here. Connect with the industry, organisations and leading designers continuously researching in fashion sustainability. Learn how sustainable design, ethical production, retail and consumption all make a difference improving education for more responsible purchasing within the fashion sector. Join us to to meet with our collaborative partners, understand how they manufacture, maintain creativity and innovation whilst offering a point of difference within the retail space.

Julie Macken, Deputy Queen Bee and owner of Neves Bees has a career that spans an impressive 20 years in pharmaceutical marketing, and was disillusioned with the poor quality seen in many beauty products - hence Neves Bees was created to change that. She is also studying Herbal Medicine and has exciting plans to expand the already impressive collection range of balms, hand salves and soaps.

Sarah Jordan, CEO and Founder of Y.O.U Underwear never thought she’d end up running her own underwear business empire! Y.O.U stands for ‘You Own Underwear’ as she believes everybody should have exactly that. A business with a purpose beyond profit started out with a trip to East Africa in 2016 and some community volunteer work which uncovered such a need for basic underwear for hundreds of women and children. Today, they sell organic garments which are on a buy-one-give two model. Simple, yet inspiring and making huge change!

Hannah Jordan, Sales Director and Sustainability Co-Ordinator at Mama B manages a network that inspires, encourages, motivates and manages the wider sustainability key performance indicators throughout head offices and across stores nationwide. Mama B’s design process is solely focused on sustainable credentials of fabric composition and internal practices, purchases and processes.

Put forward your questions to our leading panel who have years of experience across this relative topic.

The event is online across Zoom webinar, Facebook stream and Instagram IGTV.

The event will last 1 hour and will finish at 7pm.

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