The charm of the velvet fabric makes it a conqueror of the latest autumn-winter fashion trends and it could be worn through all the year matching it with other textile materials. The velvet glamour attracts with its gracious moves and being pleasing to the touch, assuming different wearability - from a sensual statement evening outfit to an every day assemble.

How to style the velvet : - Velvet dress paring with nothing else but a pair of classic black pumps. Or how to wear the velvet jacket ?! It's simple like a cloudless sky, with a white cami, jeans, chunky boots and a black hold-all. Completed with a delicate floral brooch. It's time to get sassy - when it comes to the way we dress now, we want clever 'sexiness'. The silhouette is important. To say that a woman is 'sassy', like saying something 'slays', is to bestow an uniquely female-to-female type of praise.

To get dressed sometimes is a state of mind. There are days when we are just not inspired and not in a mood to prepare our outfit. But you can be sure that if you know that in your wardrobe you will find a lovely piece in your favourite colour and fabric, even your mood could approve. We dress to feel better in our own skin and what better than a texture that caresses your skin and makes you feel feminine?! And we have the answer ... Velvet!

It was the choice of important characters in the past and it's beloved look nowadays for many ladies. It has always been a classic staple in the fashion world, but this year it seems to be one of the 'it' fabric for Autumn/Winter 2016. It's added a fresh texture and hint of luxury to the collections that use it, and we are liking what we see. What is velvet actually?! The term 'velvet' refers to the structure of the fabric, not the fiber, cotton or wool. It is typically woven (the knit version is referred to as velour). The fabric is characterized by it's pile, or raised loops or tufts of yarn that cover it's surface. This pile is very short and dense, helping to give it a soft shine that catches the light in a unique way. Velvet has historically been made from silk, but can be created from a variety of fibres, such as rayon. It is most common believed that velvet originated from Eastern culture. The technique to create it was so complex and time consuming that it was an extremely high-end luxury good, available only to royalty and the very rich. Nowadays velvet production became mechanized, easier and faster to produce. Therefore, the textile so deeply associated with ultimate luxury became cheaper and more widely available, popping up quite frequently in many different collections. Soft, draped velvets in sweet pastels have been trending and stiff, structured fabrics in strong colour such as bottle/olive green or navy, and burgundy will always be a staple.

One of the most sensual fabrics with such an exclusive history is 'velvet'. The remarkable textures will truly caress your senses. It is so incredibly soft and smooth that you will not be able to stop touching it. There is no chance of being mistaken for a lack of style in choosing your velvet outfits, daily or for the coming party season. 'Seductive' is the new mood... It is your mood!

Written by Veneta Markova

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." — Miuccia Prada

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