Up and Coming Fashion Graduates Sponsored by Olivia May

Always on the lookout for new and exciting brands, we came across two exceptional showstoppers from Westminster MA fashion show and have since decided to sponsor them to showcase at OFW to share their incredible designs with you. We introduce you to Katie McGuigan and Constance Blackaller.

Meet Constance Blackaller

Constance sees fashion as a means of expressing a creative, artistic concept and mood that can suggest many multilayered personalities and ideas of an individual. Her final collection was inspired by ideas common throughout a number of sources. Firstly, Japanese garment construction, obis, kimonos, and the act of wrapping and compressing fabric in layers. She connected this with the tension created by the straps holding a child to their mothers back seen in vintage photographs from Africa and Mexico. The feeling of her collection is traditionally feminine in silhouette, with wide skirts reminiscent of the 50’s. The silhouettes are powerful and dramatic, designed for strong women who enjoy the luxury of beautiful fabrics.

Constance Blackaller seen in Vogue

Caught in the crossfire: Constance Blackaller's silk wrap dress holds its own against the chalky drama of the butoh dance troupe, steered by Kumotaro Mukai. Hand-quilted silk wrap dress, £3,100.

Meet Katie McGuigan

Designer Katie Ann McGuigan’s strong, distinctive sense of colour, line and shape is reflected in her vibrant womenswear collection. The colour palette and many design references in the collection are drawn from the starkly captivating photographic work of Michal Chelbin, particularly her book Sailboats and Swans. The imagery of inmates of prisons in Russia and Ukraine is both sadly moving and visually stunning. Katie translates this clash of emotion and resignation into uncompromising workwear shapes, as layered and complex as the source material.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality - Shawn Ashmore
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