It is often tempting when taking photographs to fill up as much space in the photo as possible, especially when it comes to fashion photography. The layers and creases within the garment evident in every detail, but for this shoot I felt it was important to not only capture every little detail, but to also create a story behind the images. Rundholz SS17 DIP collection, showcases an array of structural pieces from the concept ‘space’. From the unusual structure and shapes, hand drawn drawings, to the fine detail which includes a subtle Nasa badge, all create that ‘space’ atmosphere. It’s not as if we could zoom off in a rocket to space, so we took a different approach, an approach to create that ‘space’ feeling, in an ‘open space’. A feeling of nothing, nothing but open land, with that slight glimpse of industrialism. This in our opinion corresponds directly with Rundholz’s structural drawings featured throughout the DIP collection.

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