As soon as our new season collections arrive, we can’t help but find ourselves rummaging through the boxes to find what beautiful pieces lie ahead of us! It’s at that moment when our heads start to wonder in the world of creativity, on how we can tell a story via the eyes of the designer. So let’s go back to the 1950’s era when fashion involved glamorous shapes, classic silhouettes, tailored style & femininity! One designer who is heavily influenced by this era, is Les Filles D’ailleurs. With this all in mind, we were very lucky to find a local Art Gallery who are currently showcasing a fabulous exhibition called 'Model Image'. Lady Lever Art Gallery feature one particular model within the ‘Model Image’ exhibition, named June Duncan. Following her life story in the fashion industry, we knew it would be a perfect place to capture images of todays styling compared to those pieces designed in the 1950’s.

Les Filles D’ailleurs bring romantic yet functional cuts with emphasis on femininity and elegance. This season features ruffle detailing, bows & pinstripe which ooze style & sophistication. With a varied colour palette of yellow, navy, vernil & classic black, you will be sure to be ready for the upcoming Summer months.

‘To be a successful photographic model, one need not have beauty, but good bone structure and an unusual face are far more useful’ – June Duncan, fashion model

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