Decadence and opulence a hallmark of the season or just a throw back to the ‘Downton effect’? We may never have the answer but what we do know is dressing up is very much on the agenda this season. Wherever we look we find rich fabrics in burgundy, blueberry and statement black! From Rundholz to Out Of Xile no designer has over looked this opportunity to make us feel special! Look to Out of Xile for that traditional shape, fabric, texture and detail, reminiscent of a time when designers liked to show off their extensive skills and ladies spent their days dressing up for the evening. To view the full story, please see the Cheshire Life magazine December issue.

Opulent brocades have an allure and a texture, which is timeless, but don’t hide it in the wardrobe for that special occasion, think differently! It’s a great way to add interest to your daywear. Along with this Nuovo Borgo dress add a plain black jacket and long fitted boots to mute the tones nicely for the day. While for the evening break out the heels and a dazzling necklace and you will be ready to party the night away!

Nets and taffetas courtesy of Lilith leave us in no doubt as to where this outfit should be worn. Set against the backdrop of the Dining Room at Arley Hall in Cheshire this outfit is not out of place. Textures add complexity without over stating. Just simply adding a faux fur piece to take us back to the glam of the bygone Hollywood film era.

A hint of velvet on a cuff or a collar is daywear with a hint of opulence and a clever investment for your wardrobe. This Out of Xile coat with an inverted back pleat, distinguishing button trims and statement collar should be worn year on year and accessorised with deep velvet scarfs to complete the look.

Depth, shine, allure are simply the best words to describe the velvets and brocades of the season. For the dark drama of the evening the rich blueberry and Xenia brocade trousers are truly a seasonal combination.

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