Over the past thirty years, Privatsachen has acquired a reputation with their sustainably sourced fabrics, handmade dyes and transparent production processes. Their focuses are on fashion, cultural values and sustainable responsibility, giving them a diverse name. Crushed silks and cotton are a strong identification of Privatsachen's collections, with their attention to detail to create unique and timeless pieces.

All pieces are designed, produced and dyed by hand in Hamburg, Germany, from finely detailed fabrics such as crushed silk, ecological cotton, ramie, jute, hemp, wool and tencel.

Privatsachen Clothing

Founded in 1984, Privatsachen prides itself on responsible production and timeless style. Their unique garments, designed and produced in Hamburg, make use of natural fibres such as crushed silk, cotton and velvet. Explore Privatsachen clothing to discover jewel-toned dresses that make the perfect statement piece.

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Adrettich Scarf in Tag Adrettich Scarf in Tag
Adrettich Scarf in Tag
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