Established in 1983, Out Of Xile create womenswear for occasions, providing beautiful, flexible clothing to replace formality. Designed, stitched, dyed and finished in England, Out of Xile has always been a premium quality, luxury English brand.

Fabrics are a key element to every collection and where possible are made from natural yarn and dyed to create a tonal look - Out Of Xile are instantly recognisable for their unique colour palette and prints.

Designer and owner, Cathy Hewlett says: "The collection appeals to women across all ages who seek versatile, flexible outfits or separates which work for all occasions. A relaxed lifestyle and an effortlessly chic look is our aim. The tight edit and the simple luxury feel, make it a collection which is as easy to buy as it is wear".

Out Of Xile Clothing

Founded in England in 1983, Out of Xile creates beautiful occasion wear with a luxurious finish. Designed and made in England, the Out Of Xile's clothing offers high-quality womenswear produced from natural fibres. Layer their flattering bubble dresses under a sumptuous velvet jacket for sophisticated evening wear. Shop Out Of Xile clothing online to find beautiful occasionwear for any event.

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