Curated by Yifan Nairn

Introducing our first ever curated by edit, a brand new collection in which our fashion gurus have cherry-picked. Here, Manchester-based stylist coach and fashion designer shares the pieces which inspired her fall edit. Best known for her bespoke design business Atelier 5 and Wardrobe Detox Challenge, Yifan Nairn has a real eye for bespoke quality, colour theory and a signature artisan style that owes a lot to a fashion-obsessed childhood: 'I'd be found hiding under my bed knitting handbags over doing homework' she admits. A advocate for sustainable fashion, Nairn also champions a 'buy less buy better' approach to style with pieces that will last a lifetime to make you feel confident, stylish and empowered. Her inspiration? 'Women! It's just so rewarding to see the confidence of these incredible women build.'

Leather Strap Boots in Black Leather Strap Boots in Black
Leather Strap Boots in Black
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