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Chie Mihara does not believe in aesthetic limitations or cultural barriers. She was born in 1968 to Japanese parents in southern Brazil’s bohemian and coloristic Porto Alegre.

Authenticity has its own shape. Chie Mihara brings back the value and expertise of artisanal shoemakers, who pay special attention to every detail that defines the finished product: the sole, the heel, the shape and more. Living and manufacturing in Elda is a way of holding on to the knowledge that Made in Spain designs are famous for.

Chie Mihara

Shop our selection of feminine footwear from Chie Mihara. This Spanish label creates vintage-inspired styles with a playful touch, for a modern spin on classic shoes. Luxurious leather and velvet in jewel colours make this label a must-have for evening dressing.

Meet The Designer
Lace Up Brogues in Barna / Verde / Ante / Terra / Nilo / Brick
£244.00 £195.20
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