Ways to wear 'The Cardigan'


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Ways To Wear 'The Cardigan'

 It’s been around forever, in and out of trends and catwalks through the years and yet for many of us the ‘Cardigan’ is the go to item for a little extra warmth before the bulky coat appears and we have to give into the colder autumn days.

From humble beginnings, the cardigan has been revived in many ways and yet it’s the most versatile piece in our wardrobe. Long enough and the cardigan can be worn short as a dress, with boots, leggings, tucked in, not tucked in, off the shoulder, around the shoulder, layered or just alone, there are just so many options.

A chunky knit or fine refined knit, cable, weave or by hand we are faced with many choices and yet we often dismiss its true value.

With this in mind at Olivia May and with Veneta’s outfit inspirations we are bringing this over looked piece back into focus. Join Veneta in her latest styling video.

"Wear over the shoulder, choose a longline, opt for a slouchy option or simply layer as part of your outfit - there are many style options with a cardigan".

Consider length, shape and fabric...

Cropped Cardigans

Longline Cardigans

Oversized Cardigans


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