• From Mountain To Eco Fibres
    From Mountain To Eco Fibres
    The feeling is that the pandemic has given people worldwide, a chance to re-evaluate what is important and to also look at what we can do as global citizens to make our planet a better and healthier place. 
  • Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony
    Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony
    As the Tokyo Olympics starts we look to our Japanese designer Moyuru. Moyuru demonstrates the best of avant-garde clothes. With dynamic, asymmetric cuts rendered in soft jerseys and wools, Moyuru clothing is stunning yet easy-to-wear. Discover crisp shirts given a twist with gorgeous prints; pair with Moyuru’s classic drop-crotch trousers for a modern, artistic look.
  • Lockdown Lifting...Ways to dress up for a proper evening out!
    Lockdown Lifting...Ways to dress up for a proper evening out!
    As lockdown is finally lifting we are turning our attention to dressing up! It's been a long 18 months of living in clothes purely designed for comfort.  Discover our style guide to inspire your summer night out wardrobe, combining the comfort we're all used to, but with extra style.
  • Independent Retailer Month
    Independent Retailer Month
    We are focusing on our new, small independent designers here at Olivia May this month...read on for an introduction to Un-Namable, Marc Point and Aequamente. We love to support and highlight smaller brands, bringing their pieces to life with outfits created by our head stylist, Veneta.
  • Green and Clean
    Green and Clean
    The terms ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are now mainstream, and brands, even well-known luxury designers are jumping on the bandwagon to make consumers think they are eco-sustainable… when they’re anything but.
  • Scarves, Scarves, Scarves
    Scarves, Scarves, Scarves
  • Leggings...The perfect wardrobe foundation
    Leggings...The perfect wardrobe foundation
    Leggings are the most comfortable and best ‘go to’ staple in our wardrobe’s, especially in the last 18 months… where comfort has been key for a lot of us. It’s said that the legging re-emerged after fashion icon Beyoncé strutted out in a pair of Marine Serre’s eponymous half-moon printed leggings. Instagram feeds are full of influencers posing in these stretchy delights, from plain black with slits to cut outs and colourful editions the legging has certainly morphed from its 2008 edition. But how to wear them? 
  • We are turning our attention to lightweight layers
    We are turning our attention to lightweight layers
    Keep it cool this season in lightweight layers. Fine knits, shirts and jumpers over trousers, leggings and skirts...Layering pieces allows you to put your own individual looks together. Have fun with your existing wardrobe and add in new items to elevate  the look!
  • Get Independence Day Ready
    Get Independence Day Ready
    It's nearly independence day, so we're looking at the Red, White and Blue of the Stars and Stripes for ultimate patriotic dressing! We're also celebrating the iconic Texan brand Magnolia Pearl...discover their special pieces before they completely sell out! 
  • Wimbledon Begins
    Wimbledon Begins
    Wimbledon begins today and while things might be slightly different this year, the strawberries and cream will still be served and the outfit spotting will be as highly anticipated as the tennis! We take a look at some celebrity and royal styling and how you can create their looks.  
  • World Wellbeing Week
    World Wellbeing Week
    It's World Wellbeing Week, so a great opportunity to take a breath and look after your mental health, whether that's catching up with friends, getting a good nights sleep or going for a walk in the fresh air. Whatever makes you happy!  Your wellbeing has never been more important.  We talk to the OM team about their self care and what it means to them. 
  • Summer Begins
    Summer Begins
    Here at Olivia May, we are proud of how we bring our personality through our culture and community. We want to offer a unique glimpse of our behind the scenes to give you insight to our day. From our styling sessions to wrapping your pieces beautifully, we want to highlight how we represent our brands, while building a community through you!
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