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Make A Statement

For those of you who joined us last night in our ‘live’ conversation with Beatrice Markastos, Georgia and myself, I am sure you would agree that we have all been totally inspired by the creativity and inspiration they have left us with. Listening to the background of Beatrice and her childhood connections and influences which have developed this brand we really do get a true appreciation of the level of detail, design and approaches used. Of course, not forgetting the passion and talent which lies behind the creation of each jewellery piece.

For anyone who may have missed this ‘live’ conversation please just drop into out IGTV – it’s there you to view or for a re watch to check out those amazing showcased pieces.

Of course, like all our jewellery designers Beatrice is no exception from Boks and Baum to Angela Caputi the stories which lay behind the brands are as inspirational as the brands themselves. As we head into Autumn keep a look out for our events as we will bring you all the content to delve deeper into the inspirations and creative approaches of all these designers.


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