How to destress this month


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How to destress this month

April is Stress Awareness Month and after this eventful year, it's time to take control of your stress. Stress Awareness Month has been held every April, since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. Millions of us around the world are experiencing high levels of stress and it is damaging our health. We wanted to share some tips and exercises that we have found to take it easy.

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Changing The Environment

If the area you're in is stressing you out, take your time away from it. Try reading, watching tv or taking a shower to focus your mind on something else. Even if you only have 10 mins, step outside and re-gain focus.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises, or even just taking a few deep breaths, can help reduce tension and relieve stress, thanks to an extra boost of oxygen.


Not reacting, just noticing is the term that will help you destress during meditating. Being quiet in the mind to clear everything away.

Even sometimes one's faith can bring some comfort.


Avoiding technology can really focus your mind and even uplift your mood. Staring at a screen all day can take a toll of your spirit. Turn off the TV news. Step away from your emails to escape the world.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Creative Outlet

Another approach is getting your creative mind on! This could be your favourite hobby, whether that be cooking, baking, art, photography or anything else. This is a great way to increase productivity, because when you return back to your work, you will be full of new ideas and fresh energy to tackle hurdles and move forward.


Going for a walk or running can enhance the mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins. Regular exercise can increase self-confidence, improve your mood, help you relax, and lower symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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