Beatrice B's Commitment to Sustainability


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Beatrice B's commitment to sustainability...

Discover our Italian label, Beatrice B and their commitment to sustainability, from the fabrics they use to the print processes. Their garments are locally made, from the weaving to the finished product.

A hand picked collection of Beatrice B's new Autumn Winter pieces are included as a style guide...along with some fabulous sale items that won't last long!

Natural Fabrics are used in all of Beatrice B's collections. Organic hemp is used for maximum sustainability. The hemp planting is eco-friendly, it doesn't need pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides. It also requires less water compared to other cultivations. Even if hemp needs water, it's cultivation is still sustainable.

The natural colour of hemp is nude and part of Beatrice B's collection are in the natural colour of the fabric.

Day Wear Chic

Lux Evening Wear

ZDHC Programme and Beatrice B...


Zero Discharge of hazardous chemicals. This is an organisation whose aim is to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals that are discharged into water waste. It supports the implementation of best practices to protect the environment.

Beatrice B's adventure with ZDHC started in 2019 and they are working hard trying to implement this project more and more every year. Other contributors to ZDHC include ASOS, H&M, Hugo Boss and LVMH to name just a few.

Beatrice B's commitment for 2022 is 100% certified sustainable prints.

Perfect prints From SS21

Prints are Beatrice B's distinguishing mark. They are committed to making the print process as sustainable as possible...but "being sustainable, doesn't mean boring". Nowadays they can create wonderful and colourful prints that are environmentally friendly.

Source: Tush Magazine

Source: Tush Magazine

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