A Sustainable Approach


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A Sustainable Approach

Conversations and approaches to sustainability have gathered a pace through recent months. The immediate impact of ‘Lockdown’ on the environment was evident for all to see. The questions and reflections in the aftermath has prompted us to delve deeper into ‘what does sustainability mean for different organisations? It was therefore such a pleasure to talk to Hannah, Sarah and Julie regarding their business approaches to sustainability.

Fashion has developed a very mixed response to sustainability and taking the opportunity to gain the insights into the fashion brand, Mama B and their commitment to organic materials, dyes and processes has been really welcome as has their commitment going forward to building a sustainable brand.

Step Up Your Casual Style

Listening to Sarah share her complete journey for Y.O.U underwear’ has taken this inspiration further. The commitment to not only build an ethical business but to drive through its core to be a business who is giving back to those in need, has really given us a different perspective on what a business can achieve.

Our final guest Julie from Neves Bees has taken the simple beautiful things in life from garden flowers to the beautiful Bees to a new dimension, with natural organic products through balms and aromatherapy oils. Not satisfied with this Julie has continued to challenge the business and committed to only using recyclable materials.

We would just like to give a big thank you to Sarah, Hannah and Julie for giving us their insights and time yesterday. We recommend if you would like to know more then please drop onto their websites for more information.

https://www.youunderwear.com - Sarah Jordan

https://nevesbees.co.uk - Julia Macken

https://www.mdainternational.co.uk - Hannah Jordan

If you have missed out on our ‘live’ conversation please drop into our Instagram to view the conversation in full (click here to view)– we really hope you enjoy watching!

"Fashion has developed a very mixed response to sustainability"

Our Competition Winner

Just recently we ran a wonderful competition in partnership with ‘Emma Wilson Fitness’ and ‘My Time for Change’ and Cheshire life magazine. We would like to congratulate Elaine on the winning entry. We are now just a few weeks away from sharing the insights into how the OM team will be working with Elaine on what will be her styling journey. We will also be touching base with Emma and Mindy and finding out more on the health and wellness approaches they are developing to support Elaine on this transformational journey.


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