7 Types of Fashion Styles


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7 Types of Fashion Styles

Fashion is always about dressing the way you feel confident! Fashion styles are loosely categories, although no one is focused on one look and everyone can mix between them. Personal style can be mastered at any age. Some lucky fashion lovers manage to find their signature look early on and hold onto it throughout their lives, adjusting and updating it ever so slightly to suit the changing times and trends. Here is a guide to express the key fashion styles and how each one has progressed throughout the years.

1. Bohemian

Also known as “boho” or “boho chic,” bohemian style borrows from the 1960’s hippie aesthetic and festival culture. The style incorporates earth tones, natural fabrics and dyes, and prints and accessories from around the world. The hallmarks of boho style are flowing maxi dresses, long skirts, loose trousers, large brimmed hats, fringe, suede, and slouchy handbags.

2. Sporty

Sporty style, also known as athleisure, takes elements of athletic wear, like leggings, bike shorts, and oversize sweatshirts, out of the gym and onto the streets. This is linked with casual chic and has become a fashion evolution over the past decade, with style inspirations from Princess Diana and Gwyneth Paltrow.

3. Grunge

Inspired by grunge music and the subculture that originated in the ’80s and ’90s, grunge fashion features plaid flannel shirts, oversized knits, and feminine dresses styled in a subversive, disheveled way. Grunge looks often include ripped jeans or tights, unkempt hairstyles, and black boots. This can be a full look or a hint in your outfit to create an avant-garde edge.

4. Preppy

Preppy style is inspired by the clothing and uniforms traditionally worn at private prep schools and colleges. Preppy style often takes inspiration from upper-class sports like polo, sailing, tennis, and horseback riding. Preps are known for wearing polo shirts, Oxford shirts, argyle sweaters and socks, cloth-wrapped headbands, boat shoes, blazers, pearls and cardigans. Although this is a stereotypical look, many top fashion houses have adapted this style to modernise to the latest trends.

5. Avant-Garde

Avant-Garde is for people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society. It is frequently characterised by aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability. The avant-garde pushes the boundaries against the mainstream looks. This includes asymmetric silhouettes and stand-out graphics. Our collection of avant-garde designers are here to make a statement. Add as much or as little of the unique styling as you'd like to your wardrobe.

6. Classic

Classic style is an umbrella term for a chic everyday style that incorporates elements of workwear, such as blazers, pencil skirts, and tailored looks. This more professional look is appropriate for the office and other settings where you want to look your best. Throughout the past few years, the tailored looks have ranged from fitted to a loose/oversized look, adapting to trends in both the fashion industry and society.

7. Casual

Casual style is what you might wear on the weekend or your off-duty looks. Think jeans, comfortable T-shirts, and trainers, sandals or flat boots. Both streetwear and sporty style might be considered types of casual styles, but casual style can also lean preppy or hip. This is the most versatile and wide ranged style as it can be incorporated in any way.

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