5 Ways To Style Rubicon


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5 Ways To Style; Rubicon

Read on to find out 5 gorgeous ways to style new arrival scarves from Rubicon! In this Zine exclusive guide, learn how to get the most out of your scarf with timeless styles perfect for summer! Keep reading for a teaser for somthing very special coming next week...

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Issue 6, May 2022

5 Ways To Style; Rubicon

Get the most out of your scarf with these handy tips on how to wear it 5 ways

1. Sarong Realness

Fold scarf into a triangle, place onto side of hip and tie points on the other hip.

2. The Classic

Fold into a triangle and roll towards the middle point, drape around neck.

3. Headscarf Fantasy

Fold into rectangle, place middle of scarf on the top of the head and tie in a knot underneath hair

4. Summer Shawl

Fold scarf into rectangle and place onto shoulders, tuck under arms or secure with a belt

5. Modern Halterneck Top

Fold in half, then take two corners and tie around the neck. Take the bottom points and wrap them around the waist and tie at the back.

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